Located in the North East Adirondack Lake Champlain Area - Plattsburgh, Lake Placid, Ausable, Peru, Essex, Westport, Keene Valley, Wilmington, and Elizabethtown. 

Our Philosopy - Anyone who has ever had to trust and depend on their horse knows they will have an uncanny desire to excel at any task if treated with the respect of a faithful friend and companion.  As with any relationship; respect is a two way street that begins by developing a bridge of communication between horse and rider. We take this philosophy a step further by understanding that one is only as good a rider as they are a horseman.  All horses and riders are constantly teaching each other in an ever ongoing process; a good teacher knows its important to listen to what your pupil is saying.  Being a good horseman requires understanding the fundamental psychology and communication skills of these majestic, powerful, and loving animals.

Western and English Horseback Riding Instruction - All of our lessons, rooted in these principals, are thoughtful and innovative. They are designed to maximize the learning experience for old and young alike. A mix of fun and games along with a no nonsense direct approach towards riding, make our lessons challenging yet rewarding.

We also offer instruction on the basics, such as the feeding and care of a horse, right on through to the ABC's of training, using a well renowned resistance free method. Most importantly, all of our lessons are taught emphasizing love and respect for the horse. Its not only is a show of good horsemanship, but also creates a positive atmosphere in which the horse and rider work as a team with mutual trust and understanding.

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